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frequently asked questions

Question 1 :Can I use your templates as proof of verification?

Answer : Yes, our editable templates include fields for entering your credentials, making them suitable for verification purposes.

Question 2: In what formats do you provide your templates?

Answer : We offer templates that are fully editable in PSD, Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

Question 3 :How do I download the template I paid for?

Answer :After your payment is completed, you will receive a download link sent directly to your email or via chat.

Question 4 : How can I edit my template details?

Answer : Our zip archives include editable templates in PSD, Word, Excel, and PDF formats. You will need Adobe Photoshop, MS Word or MS Excel to edit the templates, or you can request assistance from our team to modify the template for you.

Question 5 :I do not have the necessary knowledge or software to edit the template. How can I fill in my name and address?

Answer : Our specialists can fill in the details, print, and take photos of the template for you. Just contact our support team for assistance.

Question 6 :How can I get a template directly from this chat?

Answer : We offer various direct payment methods. Once your payment is completed, we can send the template directly to you via chat or email.

Question 7 :I have an existing scan/image of a document. Can your designer make it editable?

Answer : Absolutely! You can send us your file, and our designer will convert it into a fully editable template in a short amount of time.